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Innocent is a long established PvE raid alliance formed in early 2011 by a small group of friends with a passion for raiding.  Our aims still to this day are to progress and complete the most challenging content in Lord of the Rings Online, whilst keeping a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere.
With the leadership of Canesia, Ruintheliel (now retired), and the sheer hard work and commitment of its player base; Innocent have been able to complete all of the games T2 challenges with all but one achieved on level.  We take great pride in being the Original Challengers of Saruman and the first group to have obtained the Defenders of Erebor title on Laurelin.

If you would like more information regarding Innocent then please speak to Canesia or Narthrivor in game.


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Current recruitment status

by *Essy*, 225 days ago

Hello and thank you for reading our recruitment thread.

 We are looking for experienced people with a passion for raiding and progression. We would ideally like for you to be geared for the content we are currently raiding, know your class well meaning you have a proper spec/traits/Legendary legacies. Having a raid ready alt is also a big plus for your application.  Note that even though recruitment is currently open for  all classes currently  we're always on the lookout for highly competent people. Don't be discouraged from applying if you think you have an exceptional application and feel that Innocent is the ideal raid group for you. Even if you don't get in immediately, we do maintain a 'queue' of prospective candidates that we consult before making vacant slots public.

Raid Schedule:

We raid currently raiding on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday and you will always find us grouping for 3/6/12 mans throughout the week for fun,  to gear up our alts and to help members complete their builds.


 Anvil:  All completed on T2 (currently working on T3)

 Abyss of Mordath:  All completed on T2cm.

 Throne of the Dread Terror:  All completed on T2cm.

 Erebor: Defenders of Erebor title obtained completing BFE/Smaug CM at 85, Flight at 95.

Tower of Orthanc: We completed all of Orthanc on T2 including 4 of the challenge modes. We were the only raid group on the server to complete Fire/Frost CM on level, Saruman CM came only days after rohan was released and our members obtained the Original Challenger of Saruman title.
Ost Dunhoth: All completed on T2cm at level 65 and at all subsequent level caps since scaling including level 105.

Barad Guldur:  All completed on T2cm at level 65 and at all subsequent level caps since scaling including level 105.

Expectations of You:

• Know your class and use the best class items, essences and relics available.
• To be fully prepared for each raid, that include having consumables i.e scrolls/pots/hope/food.
• To have Teamspeak 3 installed and listen to instructions (a microphone is not necessarily needed but an advantage).
• To be at least 18 years old.
• Be friendly to your raid buddies at all times.

We will not at any time accept any kind of elitist/arrogant attitude or behaviour, neither will be tolerate any form of belittling or bullying.  Innocent also have a zero tolerance policy on exploiting, boss skipping and fightclubbing.

We are currently recruiting the following classes:

All classes


Our website: Innocent raid alliance

 Our Youtube channel:  Innocent Video's and More Innocent Video's

If you have any queries or require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact Canesia (Essy) or Narthrivor (Rico) in game.


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