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re: App: GuardErli

The application submitted by GuardErli is as follows:

Name : Erlion
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : [EN RP] - Laurelin
Level : 105
Gender : Male
Race : Elf
Class : Hunter

What is your primary choice of spec for raiding?:

Have you been in any other raidgroups? If yes, please enlighten us with your reasons of splitting: :
Dances with Wargs raid kin before disbanded. Raiding in Beggars Banquet, although less now due too few people

What is your previous raiding experience?:
Raiding in lotro since level 65 levelcap

Why are you interested in joining Innocent?:
My kin-leader Ger mentioned the raidgroup. Said I should apply because I wanted to raid again and you were nice people.

A little bit about yourself::
Student in the Netherlands & lotro-addict

Please give details of your current gear, stats, class trait points and virtue ranks.:
All raid ready chars have level 100-105 essence gear. Variable in stats.
Maxed class and virtue points.

Please include a list of all your alts stating which are max level/raid ready characters.:
Erlac (Mini, 105) Orli (RK 105)

As a DPS class would you be willing to supply us with a dps parse using combat analysis?:

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

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re: CLOSED - App: GuardErli - by *Essy*


Recruitment was opened lately just for a healer which we have got now. Still have a few people on trial that are not supposed to be here anymore (Essy slacking). Yes, we having problems to get 12 people nowadays to raid but that is simply cos most are not raiding when Essy is not here as we have seen in the past when Essy and me were away. We don't need any of his classes either especially hunter cos even I am not allowed to play mine. Not giving dps parses as dps class is not great as well. Just look at some guest raiders, people on triel or even full members not providing dps parses. Even when those trying to hide it, the rest dps in the group (Dura, Fara, me nowadays) knows that their dps is not good at all. As you can see from our parses compared to boss total morale for example.

Hate me, I would.

But Essy loves me and that is all that matters!

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re: CLOSED - App: GuardErli - by *Essy*


I think we should close the recruitment tab for now. Our plans to expand to 2 clears a week is not going to work unless we get 14 more active players (which won't happen, realistically).

I am happy to keep good raiders and friends of raiders on our Friends lists and they can always come along when we are under 12 signed (please, record such people on your own lists - I do not have to invite people only on my friends list - when we are short, we are always going for class balance first!).

I do not think we are in need of more triallists either at the moment.


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re: CLOSED - App: GuardErli - by *Essy*


Agree with Dura on this, I think we have enough members and guest now.  I will try and contact him tomorrow and let him know that recruitment is now closed.

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