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Innocent is a long established PvE raid alliance formed in early 2011 by a small group of friends with a passion for raiding.  Our aims still to this day are to progress and complete the most challenging content in Lord of the Rings Online, whilst keeping a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere.
With the leadership of Canesia, Ruintheliel (now retired), and the sheer hard work and commitment of its player base; Innocent have been able to complete all of the games T2 challenges with all but one achieved on level.  We take great pride in being the Original Challengers of Saruman and the first group to have obtained the Defenders of Erebor title on Laurelin.

Please refer to our news section for details on our current recruiting status. 

If you would like more information regarding Innocent then please speak to Canesia, Godzer or Duravar in game.


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Throne of the Dread Terror!

by *Essy*, 466 days ago

All T2cms completed!

Rakothas T2cm - 15th July 2016

T2cm Mumaks - 30th September 2016

T2cm Vadokhar - 11th September 2016

T2cm The Unbroken One - 6th November 2016

T2cm Nazguls - 7th October 2016

T2cm Gothmog - 11th October 2016





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